Qualified investor statement

Before you continue to browse the website of the company, please read this important note, and confirm that you or your representative organization is a qualified investor". The so-called "qualified investors", refers to the "People's Republic of China securities investment fund law", "People's Republic of China private investment fund supervision and management Interim Measures" and other relevant laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of the investment of the company's products should be up to the participants in the regulation of asset size or income level (net assets of not less than 10 million units; financial assets of not less than 3 million yuan or the last three annual income of not less than 500 thousand yuan), and individual qualified investors with the appropriate risk identification and risk bearing ability. People who browse our website may come from all over the world and are responsible for complying with local laws and regulations. Login website means that all the contents of the web page have been read, including any laws and regulations annotations.
if you continue to read the information on this website, it will be regarded as your statement and guarantee of "qualified investors", and will abide by the relevant laws and regulations applicable to the jurisdiction of your country. The information contained in this website is for reference only and does not constitute any form of investment products, the company's publicity, advertising or distribution, sales solicitation, solicitation or invitation or solicitation to buy any securities, fund or other investment tools.

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