Dezhong capital is a professional investment management institution based on local enterprises in Chongqing, Under the management of Chongqing DeHan New Applied Materials Venture Capital Fund, is the first batch of SDIC and CIIF Guiding Fund co-funded three state-level funds. At the beginning of preparation, he got the approval of the mayor of Qifan and the deputy mayor of Jieming, and the municipal government organized the signing ceremony of the first cooperative fund managers.

DeHan fund registered size of 250 million yuan, the fund positioned in line with the national industrial revitalization plan, focusing on Chongqing as the key areas to strengthen China's new application materials, information technology-based venture capital fund.

At present, 6 projects have been invested, all of which are in the initial stage and are distributed in Chongqing, Sichuan, Beijing and Hunan, of which 2 projects have been successfully withdrawn.

Our management team members have overseas study experience, they have successfully created more than 5 different types of industry companies, including the media, the Internet, software implementation, innovative applications, high technology. More advanced thinking, willing to accept new ideas; entrepreneurs who came from, so that they have a unique vision, excellent achievements and super execution, to ensure the success of the project. They cooperate well and complement each other. They are an excellent management team highly integrating the research, management and investment management of new applied materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, bio-medical and TMT. They have participated in the transactions of dozens of enterprises, including More than 5 IPO records.

ADD:Chongqing Liangjiang New District Internet Industrial Park 11 15 floors




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