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  • Excellent
    Investment team
  • Accurate
    investment system
  • Comprehensive
    Management Ability

Investment Cases

Value-added Services

  • Help enterprises set up
    Establishing/strengthening the board of directors; Strengthen management team and management structure; Defining strategic directi…
  • Helping companies expand
    Helping businesses expand; Helping enterprises to conduct financial analysis; Attend regular board meetings; Helping the comp…
  • Promote enterprises image
    Founding theme entrepreneurship exchange meeting; Strengthening cooperation on government platforms; To attract real users to the …
  • Exit IPO/M&A
    Help companies achieve IPO standards; Decide the time and place of the IPO and the intermediary;Looking for M&A partners.

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  • BP delivery

    • TMT
    • new material
    • Internet Education
    • Other
      Computer industry, communication equipment manufacturing industry, software industry and consumer electronics industry, etc.
      New light alloy materials, advanced polymer materials and high performance composite materials
      The information technology can be effectively applied in the field of education, and the education reform should be promoted through the development and utilization of educational information resources
      Other enterprises with unique advantages
  • Job opportunities

    Carry forward your strengths and encourage your growth

    Provide high-end medical care and family vacation travel for employees;
    Encourage employees to keep fit and keep forging ahead.

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